Hey there! My name is Mallory, a twenty-something living in South Carolina who’s really into playing in the dirt. My husband and I bought a cute little bungalow in an old neighborhood, and while the house had been renovated, the yard had been abandoned for a ridiculously long time. We’ve put a lot of work into turning it into an outside reflection of our home and our lifestyle; a space that invites you to come up the front walk and around to the backyard for a glass of rose and a walk among the hydrangeas.

MalleyGrow is all about what we’ve learned on our journey, supplemented with what I’ve learned from my green thumb mother and grandmother. I want to share with you my favorite plants, tips for planning out your space, and hosting summertime parties under the twinkle lights.

Follow along with us on the blog, on Instagram, or on Pinterest. We’re nowhere near done with our little bungalow and will be sharing along the way!