It’s almost time, we’re heading off to Patagonia! I thought I’d take a minute to run through our plans, and why we’ve decided the southern extremes of the world are a good place for a vacation.

Torres del Paine, Chile

2019 marks my fifth year working for my company, which means I’ve earned a third week of vacation! Two weeks isn’t really enough to get very far; by the time you take a necessary relaxing vacation, burn a couple days for different obligations, and use a few to travel to see family for the holidays, there’s nothing left. But three weeks, now we can go somewhere! This year, we decided it was high time for an adventure vacation, which neither of us had done since Europe 2014.

So we started dreaming of where we might go. Our only limitation, it must be somewhere neither of us have been before. The list got pretty extensive: Machu Piccu, an African Safari, Morocco, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, and those are just the first few. Before long I started digging more into South America. I had only heard wonderful things about so many unusual places. I finally settled in on a Machu Piccu trip, potentially adding in time in the Galapagos, or the salt flats of Bolivia. Once I had a rough plan, Thomas and I had another talk. He said, “if we’re going to South America, I’d really like to see Tierra del Fuego”. So far he’d been pretty low-key on the adventure trip planning, so I figured I should probably make an effort to go where he wanted.

“Les Eclaireurs” Lighthouse, in the Beagle Channel near Ushuaia, Argentina

I had to google where Tierra del Fuego was, and then I threw Machu Piccu plans out the window. There was no way we could hit both without going for a lot more than two weeks. So, I started doing my homework. Tierra del Fuego expanded to the rest of Argentine Patagonia, and then to Torres del Paine, and next thing I knew we were making solid plans to go to Patagonia.

So here we are, about to head off on an adventure. We’ve been hiking 3-8 miles every Saturday since the new year (thank you mild South Carolina winters), bought internal frame backpacks and camping gear, and had multiple practice runs to make sure our clothes and gear all fit. We’ve spent hour pouring over travel blogs, tripadvisor reviews, and reaching out to a couple friends who’ve actually been to these places for things to do and tips on how to do it.

The road to El Chalten. Recognize those mountains? That’s the Patagonia brand label!

The biggest help to this point has been Be My Travel Muse’s Patagonia Itineraries. We took bits and pieces from her one and two week itineraries, added in some time in Ushuaia and a couple days in our gateway cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago, and we were set! Really, we had no idea where to get started with planning this trip, but she has several wonderful and helpful articles from her time spent in Argentine and Chilean Patagonia. Someday I hope we can go back and see more of the Chilean fjords, and maybe hike one of the more epic circuits like the W in Torres del Paine or the O’Higgins trek from Chile to Argentina!

Once we get home, I’ll do a full write-up on where we went and what we did. Along with more photos! Until then, Salud!